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My mission here is to empower you to be the strongest, healthiest version of yourself, whether you're just starting out or already deep into your fitness journey.

Every program I offer is designed to sculpt lean muscle, increase strength, and boost your confidence. Best of all, each one is adaptable to fit into your busy lifestyle. Fitness doesn't have to be complex, and with me, it's accessible anytime, anywhere.

In each program, you'll receive instructional videos featuring yours truly, accompanied by a comprehensive written workout PDF guide. This means you'll have a detailed roadmap and visual guide to ensure you're executing each movement correctly and safely.

Unsure which program suits you best? Don't worry, I'm here to help guide you to the right path. Just shoot me an email at [email protected].

A little about me: I'm a globe-trotter, having lived in 5 different countries and fluent in multiple languages. And yes, I'm a devoted dog-mom too!

Embark on this journey with me today and let's reach your fitness goals together. Remember, once you sign up, these programs are yours to keep forever. Fitness at your own pace, on your terms.

💞 Dominique

Client Testimonials:

8 Week TONE:

"I love this program! I’m on Week 5 and I have gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost about that much in fat (according to my Renpho scale/app). I couldn’t wear my size 8 Calvin Klein jeans before starting and now my size 6 ones are loose. Thank you!!"

Vicki S.


6 Week PUSH:

"I'm currently on my second round of the 6 week push program. On week 3, leg day. Love it, obsessed with it. The program is well built and gives me everything I need to be successful on my own time and terms. I can complete it at home or at the gym so the versatility is awesome. I highly recommend her programs. ❤️" 

Ashley P.


4 Week FORM:

"I’m into my 4th week now and I can definitely notice my strength improving. I still feel a little muscle soreness a day or two after a workout. I’m finding the exercises enjoyable and am completing 4 circuits."

Gail G.


8 Week TONE:

"The 8 week program is really excellent! Easy to follow, straight forward description of each workout, time-efficient, and well rounded. Nice to not 'watch a video'...you can use whatever music or stream a show during the workout. Highly recommend it."

Carrie C.


8 Week TONE:

“Do it! I'm on week 6 & it is 100% transforming my body.”

Stephanie J.


"I'm soooo happy I joined 8 and 6 week strength training. It's kept me motivated and on track ☺️💪"

Jacqueline C.


4 Week FORM:

“I can't say enough good things about this program! Having a couple permanent injuries to my foot and shoulder, I always start new programs super light weight or bodyweight and this challenged me even after years of lifting heavy. I enjoyed it so much I am starting from the beginning and going a bit heavier, I don't want it to end LOL! I have always hated working out at home, I needed to be in the GYM to feel accomplished, this program helped change my view on that and opened me up to a new world of happy! I absolutely plan to go for 8 Week Tone Program in the near future. Thanks Dominique!” 

Sarah D.


"I have never felt stronger, sexier and mentally healthier." 

Carling S.



8 Week TONE Program